Tremolo Assembly

By John Fisher

Here is the shape of the cavity for the tremolo spring system from the back.


Here is the side view of the same cavity.


Here is my very childish drawing to try to illustrate the Tremolo system. If you simply push down on the Tremolo Bar the strings will loosen but when released, the springs will pull the bridge and the strings back to normal position. What a far out effect!

There are many details about tremolos that I will not cover here because time fails me. There are many details in making your tremolo work properly and sometimes it requires some trouble shooting.

Here is a shot of the spring assembly in the back. I didn't have a claw to hold the springs so I made one out of a little piece of " U" shaped steel in which I bent it into shape. You will notice the little yellow wire. That goes from the ground connection where the controls are in the front to the bridge and spring assembly in the back. It doesn't really matter where it is connected onto the bridge or springs, just as long as it is connected. This connection is to ground the bridge and thus ground the strings of the guitar to help eliminate some buzz. This is particularly helpful with guitars that use single coil pickups. The amount of springs used is somewhat optional but here I used 3 springs. This worked ok with me while using .009 strings. If I was to use thicker strings I would probably add another spring or 2.


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