The Results of the finished Product

By Jon Fisher

Well Here it is! This guitar is a real pleasure to play. Although I made it for my son I couldn't get my hands off of it and I used it in a few recordings that I did.






Like I said before, I made this guitar out of things that I had sitting around. I really liked the gold parts with the black but I still need to get gold tuning heads.







I was really pleased about how the neck came out. It is on the thin side and is really easy to play with very good action. The compound radius helps a lot in comfort to play.


Here are the temporary chrome keys I have on until I get the gold ones.


A Comparison Test

I did some comparing of this guitar with an American Standard Strat that a friend of mine has. This was very interesting as the types of wood on the 2 guitars are different. I was pleasantly pleased as the one I built was comparable to his in sound and comfort. The action on mine was lower and his frets are a bit fatter which I like. In some ways mine was easier to play. Mine was slightly brighter and the wood on the body of mine was slightly heavier but not much. I'm just really happy about it as I was not sure what the woods would be like on mine. It is the kind of thing where you enjoy playing it even if it isn't plugged in as the feel is nice and the stings seem to vibrate nicely with a nice sustain. I donít want to be overly optimistic about this thing but I really like it.

Well here is my son Isaac (a satisfied customer) with his new guitar. Boy am I jealous!


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