How to Build a Stratocaster Style Guitar

"The Hard Way"

By John Fisher



The Woods


Shaping the Body

The Neck (part 1)

The Neck (Part 2)

The Neck (Part 3)

The Head

Making the Truss Rod

The Electronics

The Tremolo

The Finished Product





Click Here to hear what it sounds like.


It would take writing a book to cover every detail about building this guitar and there are some details that are not covered here, but I am sure you will at least find my adventures here interesting. Like many of the other projects that you see on my web site, it was done with a minimum of tools and equipment. You may even find some of my methods rather crude but I at least got the thing built. Most of the time while building this guitar I barely had a workshop. Having said that, it was a great challenge and certainly a lot of fun. If after reading this article you have any questions or there are things you don't understand, please feel free to write me.

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