Installing the Hardware

By John Fisher


So live that you wouldn't be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip


I got this tail piece locally a lot cheaper then if I was going to order one from a parts supply place. It's held on with 3 screws, and it is also optional to drill a hole and put in a strap pin. I plan to do this or maybe even a strap pin for a jack for making the mandolin electric. With this type of mandolin it is common to have a strap that hooks onto the tail pin but then is attached through the scroll on the other end of the body. I plan to still do all this.


Like I mentioned before, these are special tuners that are made for the "F" style mandolin that have tuning shafts of different length's to conform to the fancy shaped head. In building the mandolin it is good to have the tuners before making the holes as to confirm where the holes may be, as different tuners may vary slightly.


I would rather men should ask why no statue has been errected in my honor, then why one has.



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