The Wiring

By John Fisher

(Jon Tirone)

I had 2 potentiometers that were equipped with switches. If you pull them out or push them in, there is a DPDT switch that is activated. This is useful in that you are able to use it to configure the pickups different ways to give a wide variety of sounds. In my setup I am able to have what is called "Dual sound". Because of the fact that the humbucking pickups have 2 coils each, they also have more than 2 conductors available. Normally a humbucking pickup has the 2 coils wired in series which will give you the highest output signal. Having access to the different windings will make multi pickup configurations possible.

I wired it so I was able to turn one coil off or on in each pickup making it possible to have single coil pickups. Although there are many more options that can be had with more switches, the single coil and double coil option is the most important to me, already giving quite a variety of sounds. When I get more pots with switches in them, I plan to do other things as, switching the phase relationship of the pickups and having the option of connecting the coils in parallel which has a mellower sound. I won't expound on that right now but there is a lot that can be done.

The pickup selector switch is very unique in that unlike most 3 way switches, when pulled to one side the middle and one side are connected, when pulled the other way the other side is connected and when in the middle both sides plus the middle terminal are all connected.


I lined the cavities where the pots and the switch are with copper foil that I got from "Stewart McDonald". I also lined the plastic lids with the foil that you can see laying open beside the cavities.




The Pickups

At the moment, I just installed 2 pickups I had laying around. In the bridge I have a Dimarzio (Evolution) pickup and at the neck I have a EMG (Select). I am planning on possibly changing them though, after I do some research to see what I want to put in.

Over all, the guitar sounds great. Ahh! that smooth fat Gibson sound I have been missing.

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