Shaping the Top

By Jon Fisher

(Jon Tirone)

"A life spent in making mistakes is not only more honourable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing"



I used a router to roughly cut the shape of the LesPaul style carved top. I first drew lines with a pencil where I would run the router.

I routed channels about 3/4" to 1' wide. I went up each time about 2mm like stairs until I reached the top of the 1/2' thick hardwood top.

You have to be really carfull not to make any mistakes you can't correct. As you get more to the middle there is less flat surface for the router base so you have to be real carful.


 I saw a more sure method that Paul Fisher did (see picture above) where there are little fins that are left for the router base to rest on. The fins are later chiseled off. I didn't use this method and had no problems but the fins look like a really good idea.




After doing the rough cutting with the router, I used a chisel to cut off the ledges then I used a belt sander.

This whole procedure works good and fast but you really have to be careful as the belt sander takes it off really fast. You can also use a drill and a sanding disk.



Here I am sanding down the rough shape with a belt sander



Here is the top rough sanded. I was really pleased with the way the shape turned out. I need to touch it up with a little hand sanding and a cabinet scraper.

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