Attaching the Neck to the Body

By John Fisher

(Jon Tirone)


"An optimist is often as wrong as the pessimist, but he has a lot more fun"



Here is the guitar after I just attached the neck. Attaching the neck is a rather critical operation. It takes patience to make sure that you have a good fit that it's snug and at to right angle. I used a router and a template to insure that the pocket where the neck goes in was uniform. The top needed to be carved in such a way that the area around the pocket was flat and that it is parallel with the bottom of the cavity. The angle is also dependent on how the top was carved. This is a bit tricky as too much of an angle will make the bridge way too high. Paul Gambon was a big help for me in this. I don't know what the exact procedure in order is suppose to be, but I glued the neck on first without the fret board.

I made it so that if you were to put a straight edge on the neck without the fret board on, the distance between the straight edge and the carved top at the bridge area was 13/32". I used white glue so that the neck could be removed if necessary in the future.

It should be fairly tight. If you happen to make the neck too loose you can use veneer to make it fit tight.


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