Neck Through Electric Guitar

(Jon Tirone)

I didn't name this guitar "Lucile" when I built it, but it's a great electric guitar that I have been using for the last few years.



  Laminated Mahogany Neck through the body construction with walnut in the center

  Black ebony fret board with high frets

 Gold mother of pearl inlay

 Book matched bird's eye maple top

 Mahogany back

 Bridge with fine tuners

 3 pickups: Fender single coil at the neck, Fender single coil in the middle, and Demarzio humbucking at the bridge

 5 way switch for the 3 pickups wired basically like a Strat, separate 3 way switch for the Demazio humbucking to switch the 2 coils to connect them in series, parallel, or to a single coil.

 pull out phase switch on the second tone control knob

 pull out switch on the first tone control knob that will bypass the 5 way Strat switch to turn the neck pickup on

 Lacquer finish

Construction Notes

I took some time in planning exactly what kind if a guitar I wanted to build. I started off by going around trying different guitars to see what I would want my guitar to feel like. (Size weight and especially the balance between the neck and the body).

I wanted to make a guitar that had a wide variety of sounds, as I play several different styles of music. (Anything from country to rock.)

I have no special secret in the choice of pickups except to say that they were given to me and that's all I had. I did buy the Demazio humbucking (on sale).

I chose high frets to give a little more bite on the strings, to improve the guitars sustain. The neck radius is similar to a Gibson neck.

I used a 3/8" piece of birds eye maple for the top for it's beauty and also because of it's density to aid in the sustain of the guitar. The neck through feature also helps with the sustain. (supposedly)

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