Rosewood Acoustic Guitar

(Jon Tirone)

This is one of the first that I have made. It was quite a scary learning experience with all the bindings and the inlays but I finally pulled through with a really nice guitar, I use this one for my live shows.



East Indian Rosewood back and sides

Sitka Spruce top

 Brazilian Rosewood fret board.

 Mahogany neck

 Gold Mother of Pearl inlays

 Scalloped bracing

 Martin style aluminum U channel truss rod.

Construction Comments

When I was in Brazil I picked up a piece of wood that I thought was really beautiful but I didn't know what kind of wood it was. Later I found out it was Brazilian rose wood which is a well sought after wood for guitars. Since it was a small piece, I used it for the fret board. I also cut 2 thin slices to laminate the head of the guitar.

The guy who sold me the wood for the top, told that the wood was laying around since the 1950's. (Who knows?) It was severely stained around the edges, probably because of it's age and unfortunately you can see it when you look at where the seams meet.

I've tried this guitar along side several Martin Guitars and the sound is comparable.

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