Mahogany Acoustic Guitar

(Jon Tirone)

This is the last guitar I built (1999) as a kind of "no frills" model. It turned out to be the best sounding and best playable guitar I have ever owned.



 Mohagany back, sides and neck with a piece of maple in the middle of the 3 piece back

 Sitka spruce top. ( I chose this piece of wood after going through about 50 boards.)

 Gold mother of pearl dots and inlays around the sound hole.

 Rosewood fretboard

 Lower bout size:15 1/2". Upper bout size: 11 1/2"

 Martin style adjustable aluminum U channel neck tension rod

 The bracing is similar to a Martin acoustic. (Not scalloped)

 Bone saddle and nut. (Home make from a cow bone I got from the butcher shop.

 Lacquer finish

Construction Comments

This is the cheapest, best sounding guitar I've built. The mahogany for the back, sides and neck was given to me. I got the top for a song.

If you saw my workshop you'd probably laugh. Why? I don't have one.

I didn't have any white binding so I got a piece of PVC sewer pipe and cut it up in strips with a hack saw to use for the binding.

I used some scraps of gold mother of pearl that I had left over from another guitar to piece together to go around the sound hole.

It has a very even sweet sound in all the frequencies and a nice heavenly sustain. It is a real pleasure to play and works really good for me in recording.

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