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As I Play my Guitar

Written by Jon Fisher

This is a song I wrote when I was in Mexico city. Although my immediate surroundings were not the most elegant at the time, I was inspired to marvel at the creation of God that is so frequently ignored.


I Just have to Disagree

Written by Jon Fisher

We filmed this song on the rooftop of the house were I was living in Mexico. There were no complaints from the neighbors like the Beatles experienced just positive comments as I later received. I actually began writing this song when I was 17 years old and finished it recently.


Cotton Fields

This is an old popular song that was filmed with my son playing the drums in Guadalajara Mexico.


Presentation at Beer Garden Chapala

Here is my son Isaac and I playing at "Beer Garden", a beautiful restaurant on the shore of lake Chapala in Mexico.


Concert at Plaza Del Sol

We frequently play at this very large shopping center in Guadalajara Mexico. It is a lot of fun as hundreds gather around to see and hear us.


Dalo A Conocer

This is a Christmas song I wrote in the 80's while in Puerto Rico that was later translated in Spanish and sung by my daughter Zabbi. I have seen this song sung by others on Youtube in different parts of the world.


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