A collection of cover songs from the past performed by Jon Fisher

Memories I

1. And I love Her

2. My Girl

3. Cotton Fields

4. Have you ever Seen the Rain

5. Heart of Gold

6. Every Breath You Take

7. Father and Son

8. Wild World

9. Horse with no Name

10. Green River

11. Pretty Woman

12. Another Day in Paradice

13. Let it Be

14. Your Song

15. Money




Memories II

1. Here Comes the Sun

2. I Just Called

3. Down on the Corner

4. I Started a Joke

5. Something

6. Piano Man

7. Lodi

8. Sacrafice

9. Proud Mary

10. Yesterday

11. Lookin Out my Back Door

12. Love Me Do

13. Get Back

14. You Really Got Me

15. Black Magic Woman

16 Stairway to Heaven




Original Songs


"As I Play My Guitar"

By John Fisher

I wrote this song on the third story of a house that was the studio I worked in one evening. I started coming up with the words and chords just joking around but then it turned into a song that for me has a lot of meaning.


"I Just have to Disagree"

by John Fisher

I wrote most of this song when I was 17 years old . It can apply to a lot of things for me, basically against strong vices.