The Bridge


By John Fisher

(Jon Tirone)



The man who really wants to do something finds a way; the other man finds an excuse.



Here is the bridge that I made. If you want a very good detailed description on how to make bridges, you can go to Richie Dotsonís site. Itís well worth looking at. The bridge is made of maple with a strip of ebony on the top.



Here is a diagram with the dimensions of the bridge I made. The dimensions can vary slightly according to taste and opinion so this is just the way I made mine. This bridge is not compensated. Check out Richie Dotsonís bridges that show you how to make them compensated if so desired.



Don't envy anybody. Every person has something no other person has. Develop that one thing & make it outstanding.

The normal reaction to a new idea is to think of reasons why it can't be done.




Attaching the Neck to the Pot


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